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Glenn Tipton

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Net Worth: $20 Million
Date of Birth: Oct 25, 1947 (76 years old)
Place of Birth: Blackheath
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.803 m)
Profession: Musician, Songwriter, Guitarist
Nationality: England

What is the net worth of Glenn Tipton?

Glenn Tipton is a wealthy English musician with a $20 million fortune. The most well-known role Glenn Tipton has played is that of guitarist for Judas Priest, a heavy metal band. Alongside Ian Hill, he is the only band member to have appeared on every studio album. Rob Halford, the most well-known band member, played with the group from 1973 until 1992 and from 2003 until the present.

At the age of 19, Glenn Tipton began playing the guitar. Shave Em’ Dry was the name of his first band, which later changed to Merlin and finally the Flying Hat Band. He joined Judas Priest in 1974. The group proceeded to release five live albums and seventeen studio albums. Over 45 million albums have been sold globally by them, with 12 million of those sales being in the US. Two times platinum, “Screaming for Vengeance,” the band’s 1982 album, was their best-selling release. MTV ranked Judas Priest as the second-greatest metal band of all time. In 2005, they became the first group to be inducted into the VH1 Rock Honors, and in 2010, they were awarded the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance. In addition, Tipton released the solo albums “Edge of the World” in 2006 and “Baptizm of Fire” in 1997. In Hit Parader’s list of the 100 best metal guitarists, he is listed #19, while in MusicRadar’s The 20 best Metal Guitarists Ever, he is ranked #9.

Early Life

Glenn Tipton

Olive and Doug Tipton welcomed Glenn into the world on October 25, 1947, in Blackheath, England. Alongside his brother Gary, he grew up and attended Olive Hill Primary School. Tipton’s mother started teaching him how to play the piano when he was quite little. Growing up, his brother was a guitarist who performed with a local band called the Atlantics. Later, at the age of 19, Tipton picked up the guitar. Hofner acoustic guitars were his first guitars. Afterwards, he performed with a Fender Stratocaster and subsequently a Rickenbacker.

Judas Priest

Glenn Tipton

Shave ‘Em Dry was the band that Tipton was in. The group subsequently changed their name to Merlin before rebranding as The Flying Hat Band. However, managerial problems ultimately led to the band’s dissolution. Tipton joined the already-formed band Judas Priest in May 1974. He joined during “Rocka Rolla,” the band’s first studio album’s recording. For the album, he added guitar parts rapidly.

Tipton contributed an increasing amount to the albums as Judas Priest kept putting out new music. His compositions can be heard in the songs “Prelude,” “Epitaph,” and “The Ripper.” Several of the early records featured him on keyboard as well. After the band’s first album, which had a more blues rock and psychedelic sound, Tipton is also credited with giving the group a more metal feel.

In 1980, the group put out their album “British Steel.” The band’s big break came with this song. It fused pop song forms with the band’s signature heavy metal sound. Tipton’s guitar playing is particularly noticeable on the guitar-driven songs “United” and “Breaking the Law”. The group rose to superstar status in the music industry quite fast. They kept putting out successful albums throughout the decade, including “Point of Entry,” “Screaming for Vengeance,” “Defenders of Faith,” “Turbo,” and “Ram It Down.” “Painkiller,” the band’s 12th studio album, was released in 1990.

Rob Halford departed the band in 1992, and Judas Priest took a break. Tipton spent most of this time working on a solo project he had started in the middle of the 1990s. “Baptizm of Fire” was his debut solo album, released in 1997. He published “Edge of the World,” a project from the “Baptizm of Fire” sessions, some ten years later.

Tim “Ripper” Owens became the new vocalist for Judad Priest when they reunited. The album “Jugulator” was released in 1997, and “Demolition” followed in 2001. To set themselves apart from Halford’s tenure, the band experimented with different sounds on both albums. To commemorate Halford’s comeback, the band did, however, go back together in 2003 and go on tour in 2004. They first released the album “Retribution” in 2005, then “Nostradamus” followed in 2008. In 2010, the group declared their “Epitaph World Tour.” This was to be the group’s final significant global tour. When they published a new album, “Redeemer of Souls,” in 2014 and went on a global tour, they later withdrew this.

2018 saw Tipton reveal that, due to his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis, he would no longer be performing with the band. He continued to be in the band, occasionally joining them on stage and contributing to the composition of new songs. He made an appearance on stage to perform several songs with the band at a New Jersey performance in March 2018. The love and support he got from his bandmates and their fans was overwhelming.

Tipton went onstage with the rest of the band in November 2022 to celebrate their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Personal Life of Glenn Tipton

Romsley, an English village in Worcestershire close to Birmingham, is home to Tipton. He constructed a cutting-edge recording studio close to his house. He has real estate in Spain as well. In his lifetime, Tipton has been married twice. He had two children, Rosie and Tobias, with his first wife, Rosie. Colin is his son, and he later wed Karolyne, his second wife.

In February 2018, Tipton disclosed that he had received a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis. Prior to disclosing the diagnosis to the public and quitting his touring position with Judas Priest, he had been aware of it for some time. As the illness worsened, he was unable to perform some of the band’s more difficult songs. In Tipton’s tribute, the band established the Glenn Tipton Parkinson’s Foundation the same year. The foundation’s goal is to assist in raising funds in the pursuit of a Parkinson’s disease cure.

Quick Summary

The article provides information about the net worth and career of Glenn Tipton, a wealthy English musician primarily known as the guitarist for the heavy metal band Judas Priest. Glenn Tipton’s net worth is stated to be $20 million. He joined Judas Priest in 1974 and played a significant role in the band’s success, contributing to numerous albums and becoming known for his guitar skills. The article covers Tipton’s early years, his involvement with different bands before joining Judas Priest, and highlights some of the band’s major achievements, including Grammy Awards and inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Additionally, it mentions Tipton’s solo projects and his ranking on lists of the best metal guitarists. The article also touches on Tipton’s personal life, including his marriages, children, and his battle with Parkinson’s disease, which led to his retirement from touring with Judas Priest. Despite his health challenges, Tipton continued to be involved with the band, contributing to new songs and making occasional stage appearances.

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