Patrick Muldoon Net Worth: $1.5 Million


Patrick Muldoon

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Net Worth: $1.5 Million
Date of Birth: Sep 27, 1968 (55 years old)
Place of Birth: San Pedro
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Profession: Actor, Musician
Nationality: United States of America

What is the net worth of Patrick Muldoon?

Patrick Muldoon

The net worth of American actor and producer Patrick Muldoon is $1.5 million. Austin Reed was first played by Patrick Muldoon in the television soap opera “Days of Our Lives.” In addition, he starred in a number of television movies, including “Ice Spiders,” “Chain of Command,” “Project Viper,” and “A Boyfriend for Christmas.” Muldoon’s credits on the big screen include “Deadlock,” “Blackwoods,” “Starship Troopers,” “Bad Karma,” and “Bernie the Dolphin.”

Early Life and Education

On September 27, 1968, Patrick Muldoon was born in Los Angeles, California, parents Deanna and William. His mother’s side of the family is Croatian, and his father’s side is Irish. Muldoon attended Loyola High School in his adolescence. He continued his education by enrolling in the University of Southern California, where he was a tight end for the football team of the USC Trojans. 1991 saw Muldoon graduate.

Television Career

Patrick Muldoon

In 1990, Muldoon made his television debut in an episode of the ABC sitcom titled “Who’s the Boss?” He appeared in the NBC adolescent sitcom “Saved by the Bell” the following year. In 1992, Muldoon started his most well-known role as Austin Reed on the popular serial opera “Days of Our Lives.” As a young boxer arriving in Salem, Reed fell in love with Christie Clark’s character, Carrie Brady, right away. Muldoon performed as Reed in 1992–1995 and again in 2011–2012. Austin Peck was the principal actor to portray the role in between the two terms. Following his departure from “Days of Our Lives” in 1995, Muldoon portrayed the well-liked antagonist Richard Hart on the primetime soap opera “Melrose Place.” After that, he primarily starred in television movies, beginning with “Deadly Pursuits” and “Black Cat Run” directed by D.J. Caruso. Muldoon acted with Roy Scheider in the HBO TV movie “Chain of Command” and with Theresa Russell in the Sci Fi Channel movie “Project Viper” in the early 2000s. He starred in the Hallmark Channel film “A Boyfriend for Christmas” (2004) with Kelli Williams.

In 2007, Muldoon acted in two TV movies: “Ice Spiders” on the Sci Fi Channel and “Panic Button” on the Sci Fi Channel. He left the small screen for five years, but he came back in 2012 to star in “All About Christmas Eve.” Muldoon shared his experiences with the paranormal in the 2013 television movie “Holiday Road Trip” and the documentary series “The Haunting of…” “Christmas in Palm Springs” was the 2014 film he starred in, continuing his series of holiday movies. Muldoon made appearances in “Deadly Revenge” and “Fatal Acquittal” in the same year. Among his other television film credits are “Boyfriend Killer,” “His Secret Past,” “A Christmas Reunion,” and “Patient Killer.”

Spelling Entertainment

Muldoon made history in the 1990s as the only actor to ever have an exclusive development agreement with Spelling Entertainment, a television production firm. In collaboration with Tony Shepherd, the vice president of the organization, he developed shows including the USA Petite Model Show. In addition, Muldoon and Ann Lauren co-hosted the program on television.

Patrick Muldoon Film Career

Net worth

In 1993, Muldoon made his screen debut as Tommy Andrews in “Rage and Honor II.” Four years later, he played the villain Zander Barcalow in Paul Verhoeven’s science-fiction action movie “Starship Troopers,” opposite Johnny Rico played by Casper Van Dien. Muldoon went on to appear in the science-fiction follow-up “Arrival II” that was released straight to video and to play a supporting part in the thriller “Wicked.” He made an appearance in the 1999 supernatural horror movie “Stigmata,” which starred Gabriel Byrne and Patricia Arquette. Among Muldoon’s early 2000s credits were the psychological thrillers “Blackwoods,” “Heart of America,” and “Bad Karma,” the latter two of which were helmed by Uwe Boll. He starred in “Japan,” “The Chaos Experiment,” and “Broken Angel” later in the decade.

With “Repo” and the direct-to-video mockumentary “The 7 Adventures of Sinbad,” in which he portrayed the title character, Muldoon kicked off the 2010s. Next up was he in the 2011 thriller “Last Will.” In 2013, Muldoon acted in the science-fiction monster movie “Spiders 3D.” After that, he starred in other children’s direct-to-video movies, such as “Robo-Dog,” “A Horse Tale,” and “The Dog Who Saved Summer.” Muldoon made his horror film debut in “Little Dead Rotting Hood” in 2016. After that, he returned to playing lead parts in kid-friendly movies, including “Bernie the Dolphin,” “Saving Christmas,” and “Bernie the Dolphin 2.” Muldoon acted in two films in 2020: “The Comeback Trail,” a criminal comedy, and “Arkansas,” a crime thriller. He has since been involved in the action thriller “Deadlock” and the neo-noir mystery “Marlowe.”

Personal Life of Patrick Muldoon

Muldoon has no married history. Despite maintaining a high degree of privacy, he has reportedly had romances in the past with Juliette Binoche and Denise Richards, two actresses.

Quick Summary

Patrick Muldoon, an American actor and producer, has a net worth of $1.5 million. Known for his role as Austin Reed in “Days of Our Lives” and appearances in films like “Starship Troopers,” he began his career in the 1990s. Muldoon also made history with an exclusive development agreement with Spelling Entertainment. His film career spans genres, including horror and family-friendly movies. In his personal life, he has had reported romances with actresses Juliette Binoche and Denise Richards. Muldoon continues to be active in the film industry with recent projects like “The Comeback Trail” and “Arkansas.”

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