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Israel Gaza 33 Palestinians were freed on the fourth day of the truce in Israel and Gaza.

On the fourth day of Israel and Hamas’ truce, more Palestinians were released from Israeli prisons.

With the 33rd release, 150 Palestinians have been freed since Friday, the day both sides started exchanging prisoners and hostages.

Hamas has released 51 Israeli hostages as part of the agreement, including twin sisters who are three years old.

The fighting pause will be extended by two days, according to Qatar; Israel has not acknowledged nor refuted this.

Not much has been made public regarding the most recent group of Palestinians to be set free.

Thirty Palestinian women and children were scheduled to be released on Monday, according to both Hamas and Qatar, which has been a prominent player in the peace negotiations between the opposing parties.

33 inmates had been released from the West Bank’s Ofer jail and a Jerusalem detention facility, according to the Israel jail Service later on. However, the agency did not provide the genders or ages of the inmates.

A bus transporting the recently freed Palestinian detainees had reached Ramallah, in the occupied West Bank, by the evening, according to a report from the Reuters news agency.

Pictures showed people in the Palestinian city eager to welcome them; some had balaclavas covering their faces and were carrying Hamas flags.

In other photos, Muhammad Abu Al-Humus, a Palestinian boy, was reunited with his mother and other family members at their east Jerusalem home.

The nature of the facility and the duration of his detention were not immediately apparent.

Aid organizations have taken advantage of the temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas to transport crucial supplies into Gaza, including fuel, food, water, and medications in lorries.

Should a two-day truce extension proceed, Hamas has pledged to release twenty more women and children.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office announced on Monday night that it had “approved the inclusion of 50 female prisoners in the list of prisoners eligible to be released, in the event that a release of additional Israeli hostages is carried out.” Israel has not yet made an official statement regarding the extension.

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